Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The harsh, the not-so-harsh and the favorable comments have died down now, though many people who watched Muffled Killer are still surprised. Yesterday evening (February 28) I had a session with Daystar University's MA Media class to discuss the story. Clearly, this is a story that has had a huge impact in society. Many members of the gay community were however unhappy with content of Muffled Killer; they accuse the reporter (myself) of homophobia. On the other hand, some religious leaders were equally unhappy and interpreted the story as a ploy to promote homosexuality in the Kenyan society. In this month's edition of the Identity magazine targeting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Inter-sex community, editor Dennis Nzioka lays bare his opinion. Read on...

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Polycarp said...


The piece was sensational and painted an unsavoury picture of the gay community. Inasmuch as it was necessary to highlight the plight of male commercial sex workers, it is likely that the piece might lead to a lot of misinformation about the nature of homosexuality and the gay community in Kenya. Next time try try being more balanced.