Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A man is caught and forcefully circumcised. Reason? His neighbours insist he has to adhere to their tradition before he can continue living with a girl from their community. The 'male circumcision' craze has hit Kenya. A nod from the government, and more importantly from Luo Members of Parliament, just validated this injustice. It is a case of a noble course misintepreted to validate skewed opinions. One thing we journalists must always assert as we report on male circumcision as one of the way of reducing HIV infection is: it is VOLUNTARY.


Anonymous said...

While the circumcision capmapaign has apparently kicked off to a good start- the people have missed the point on several issues. For instance i cant understand, why a 70 year old would want to undergo the cut to reduce his chances of infection. he should stick to whatever method that has kept him safe so far- it is time tested- 70 years is a long time!

Anonymous said...

yeah right. concentrate on ABC. This kinda misleading!!